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We have an on call technician available after regular office hours 365 days a year. Voicemail messages will be forwarded to a technician who will return your call as soon as possible. For service call (218) 828-4828 or toll free (800) 735-1440.

What To Do If You Accidentally Set Off Your Alarm

  • First, don’t panic. Disarm your system to reset. Remember, if there were a burglar, he or she would not know your code. Don’t write it by the keypad.

  • Call your response center to make sure that emergency personnel
    have not been dispatched. (You will need your password.)

  • Do not leave your home or business until you have talked with your
    response center.

  • Finally, any person who has keys to your property must be able to
    operate the alarm. Contractors, house cleaners, employees, friends
    and others whom you’ve given permission to must have your code
    to operate your system.

Before You Activate Your Alarm System

  • Securely close and lock all protected doors and windows.

  • If you’re leaving your home, make sure the door you leave by is closed tightly.

  • Know and rehearse the process to cancel an accidental alarm. Anyone with your key should know this process.

  • Know how much time you have after you arm your system to leave and to disarm your system when you come in.

False Alarm Prevention

  • Typical causes of false alarms

  • Unlocked or loose doors

  • Kids, neighbors, relatives, visitors, repairmen, etc.

  • Wandering pets

  • Errors by the users

Equipment Manuals

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