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Commercial Security


Keep an eye on your building, employees, and more remotely with our mobile solutions. You can even receive video clips or pictures of activities on your smartphone, laptop or any web-enabled device. With remote services, you can control security, lights, locks, and thermostats wherever you are.

Your security system can communicate with the central station wirelessly and independently to ensure your employees, business and property remain protected.

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Should a fire strike in your business, only monitored life safety sensors can provide a signal to your central station, where authorities can be summoned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you are there or away or your security system is armed or not, sensors are always at work looking over your business and employees.


Monitored smoke detectors may qualify your for additional insurance discounts! 

Commercial Fire


Ensure safety in your facility while protecting your assets with a commercial video surveillance system. Day or night, the use of cameras and video security systems are a proven deterrent and help you capture and track activity. Whether you need a standalone camera to monitor a single area or a networked multi-camera system across multiple facilities, People's Security Company has the video security systems to meet your needs. We have local sales, service and support to handle your commercial surveillance project from start to finish.

Commercial Camera
Opening Office Building Door


Access control is an excellent way to control personnel and visitor traffic and prevent unauthorized entry at your place of business. This technology allows you to maintain control of your facility and can even distinguish varying levels of access while still being simple to use. 

Commercial Door Access


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