Pelican Lakes Association

Thank you for visiting People's Security Company after seeing our ad in the Pelican Lakes Association newsletter.  

As a modern security company, People’s Security is in the connection business. We connect customers with information to give you peace of mind. Connections like knowing if your home, cabin or business is safe from intruders, fire, freeze-up or flooding. Today’s technology even takes it a step further by allowing you to connect directly from a smart device to control heat, lights, and locks from anywhere.  Receive notifications when your children arrive home or that your elderly parent is up and active for the day.

Visual connection to properties is one of the fastest growing segments of the security industry. Camera systems of all types are an especially popular item mainly because it delivers real-time information like who is on your property when you aren’t home? Or, what is damaging my bird feeder? Or, is my boat still on the lift after last night’s storm? The motivation behind visual connection will vary per customer and People’s Security has developed solutions that match every need. 


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